Save over £200 a year* on your pet’s healthcare

We believe looking after your much loved pet shouldn’t cost the earth. This is why we created The Healthy Pet Club to give you peace of mind that you can give your puppy, kitten, dog, cat or rabbit the best when it comes to their preventative health treatment.

So from as little as £11.99 a month, we can offer the following exclusive benefits to help keep your pet happy and healthy:

Annual vaccination (including Kennel Cough for dogs) – protecting your pet from life threatening diseases like Parvovirus, Feline Leukaemia and Myxomatosis. It is also an essential requirement of many pet insurance policies.
Flea and worm treatment – regular prescription based treatment that helps protect your pet from fatal parasites like Lungworm.
Six month health check – half yearly checks to put your mind at rest that there are no early signs of serious ailments.
20% off neutering – saving you money on protecting your pet from unwanted pregnancies and many potential illnesses.
10% off everything in practice – supporting you in keeping your pet as healthy as possible with a discount off everything in practice.

And other great benefits to help keep your pet happy and bright, such as:

Nail clipping.
20% off selected lifetime care medication.
Fixed price dentals.
And much, much more.

Great savings

Through being a member of The Healthy Pet Club you can save over £200* a year on your pet’s essential preventative care. With savings like this, it’s easy to see why so many pet owners choose to join The Healthy Pet Club. For more information and to join –

* Full details available at

The Healthy Pet Club loyalty scheme is run by CVS (UK) Ltd for its veterinary practices nationwide.